Jillian Schlesinger speaks

The Church of Scientology has always been a very secretive organization, and is one that exhibits a variety of cult-like behaviour.  It works to encourage an us-vs-them model of the world, and brainwashes Scientologists into believing that only Scientology can solve all of the world’s problems.  Within the walls of the Church, the organization is run by the Sea Org, volunteers who devote their life to forwarding the aims of the Church of Scientology, and by definition David Miscavige.

L. Ron Hubbard wrote Dianetics, a 1950s self-help book upon which Scientology is based. Until his death he added to the doctrine of the church and wrote rule after rule that covers just about everything (within Scientology these are called ‘policies’) from interior design to film production.   One of his oft quoted lines is “the only way you can control someone is to lie to them,” and that’s exactly what the Church of Scientology does with ITS OWN MEMBERS.  It lies to them.  LIES.

Let that sink in.

Jillian Schlesinger was born into the Church of Scientology and was a member of the Sea Org.  She escaped the Church in 2014 and did something very unusual – she immediately turned around and gave a series of interviews speaking about her experiences while in.  As you can imagine, these experiences were very fresh in her mind.

In one of these interviews, she speaks about how the Sea Org believes David Miscavige lives.  The segment starts at 8:00 although the entire interview is fascinating.


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