Proud of Narconon, 2012

Narconon is Scientology’s money-making drug rehab scheme.  It has NO scientific basis, yet claims ludicrous success rates of over 70%.  FYI: most rehab centres would make the front page if their program achieved a success rate of 35%.

Narconon is currently being sued all over the place – and has already settled in at least 7 suits.  Scientology is now desperately trying to distance itself from Narcnon, and now claims that the Church has nothing to do with Narconon.  They make this barefaced lie even though former employees at these centres have said that they were in constant communication with the Church, and that they were continuously asked how much money they were sending “uplines” to the Church each week.

Here’s David Miscavige droning on during the 2012 L Ron Hubbard Birthday event. At 3:45 he starts speaking about Narconon.


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