To Debbie Cook – “Goodbye”

When Debbie Cook, the former top dog at FLAG, gave testimony in a Texas court in 2012, she shocked everyone.  She spoke of how Miscavige dealt with her firsthand, how he spoke (but usually shouted), threatened her, and even physically assaulted her. Miscavige obviously has a sense for the theatrical, because the manner in which he removed her (physically) from her office is something that would fit right into a mafioso movie.

Jeffrey: How did you end up in the hole?

Cook: May 2007, I was at the international base, Mr. Miscavige was not there, but I was supposed to be doing numerous things at the Int base at his direction. I was on the phone to him every day, sometimes several times a day. And there were certain thing he was unhappy about, that weren’t done to his satisfaction. Anyway, I was on the phone to him, somebody was pounding on the door. I was on the phone, so I couldn’t answer it…Somebody pried the window open, two big guys came in. Mr. Miscavige said on the phone, “Are they there?” Yes, I said, they are. And he said, “Goodbye.”

Tony Ortega covered the day’s proceedings for the Village Voice – you can read his report here.

Mike Bennitt recorded much of the day’s proceedings. The quote above begins at 12:22.


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