I saw him hit/strike/slap people on at least 30 occasions

Marc Headley – aka Blown For Good – is the author of of the most riveting accounts of life within the Church of Scientology cocoon.  The book is called “Blown for Good” and is a must-read.  Headley has a wicked sense of humour, something which comes through in his writing and which no doubt helped him decompress quicker than most after leaving the Church of Scientology.

Since the publication of the book, Headley has given a bunch of interviews.  In them what often strikes me is his phenomenal memory.  In the following interview, Marc Headley describes some of his insider experiences with David Miscavige.  The good stuff starts at 56s, but the entire interview is worth a listen.


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  1. EnturbulationStation says:

    Bravo on starting this website. Dear law enforcers, opinion leaders and media: Please pay attention to the testimonies of those who have witnessed Savage Miscavige and jis criminal ways. All played out in the U.S.A.


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