Jefferson Hawkins – “I consider him to be sociopathic”

Jefferson Hawkins spent decades in the Church of Scientology and was the man responsible for the volcano imagery used on the cover of Dianetics (and after Hawkins was long out of the Church of Scientology, in the Will Smith debacle, “After Earth”).

Speaking as a guest on the excellent “Surviving Scientology Radio” show, Hawkins discusses the way the marketing focus of the Church of Scientology changed from getting new people into Scientology to just simply selling those still in the same repackagaed shit over and over again.

He also speaks about his experiences with David Miscavige and shares his opinion of the man. Be prepared for adjectives like narcisistic and sociopathic. Fun!

The juicy bits start at 19:24.

Jefferson Hawkins is the author of the book and blog, Counterfeit Dreams.  You can pick up his book here.


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