Miscavige got out a tire jack and… smashed the pay phone

One of the many interesting things about David Miscavige is how he managed to rise through the ranks and “seize the throne” of Scientology. From what I have read over the years, it seems likely that had LRH decided to name a successor and announce this to the world, he would have chosen Pat Broeker.

At one time, the two were friends (if that is possible with Miscavige). Then, they were both in La Quinta, a location those in LRH’s inner circle called “over the rainbow.”  This was where LRH hid from the world to “continue his research” (or what everyone would call taking more drugs and going even more batshit crazy than he was before).

La Quinta – aka WHQ

Sometime during this period with LRH in La Quinta (aka WHQ, or Winter Headquarters… what is it with Scientologists and abbreviations?), David Miscavige made a conscious decision to take over.  Was it triggered by an asthma attack?  Did it come about as a result of his friendship with Pat Broeker?  Did he basically just think “hey, if Pat can do it, I can?”

These are questions to which we will likely never know the answers, but the background story is still fascinating.


The Gang of Five has an interesting write up on The Secret History of David Miscavige at Scientology-Cult.com.  Check it out.


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