“That was distilled water, so it won’t mark your clothing”

In 2004, David Miscavige visited Saint Hill in England for the IAS event there in October. Gwyneth Rolph was there at the time and shared her experience of David Miscavige and a GAT drill.  It all started when David Miscavige made a “suprise visit” to Saint Hill.

Rolph walked in to a courseroom and found that David Miscavige was there, and was evaluating a session carried about by an auditor called Eoin.  As Eoin was sitting in a chair with David Miscavige hovering beside him, things slowly went from bad to worse.

David Miscavige was going through a session video with Eoin, and became very angry over whether there was a F/N or not (floating needle) in the session.

FYI: David Miscavige changed the meaning of F/N when he implemented the Golden Age of Tech (GAT).  In effect, he changed “the rules of the game” of Scientology auditing all on his lonesome.

Oh, my GOD!” bellowed DM. “What do you call that?”

A few more seconds of video.

“Do you call yourself an auditor? What are you?” DM thundered.

“I’m an intern, Sir,” the auditor replied weakly.

“We’re going to do a little Golden Age of Tech drill, right now,” DM ordered, dragging the auditor over to the middle of the room and pulling up two chairs. Seating the auditor in one and sitting down himself in the chair opposite, he ordered his lackeys to fetch a pile of tech volumes off the shelves.

“This is what it is like for the pc when you do that,” he said.

Picking up a pile of about three or four tech volumes, he slammed them down in the auditor’s lap, while demanding loudly, “Has a withhold been missed?” Then again, “Has a withhold been missed?” – SLAM – another pile of volumes. And again, “Has a withhold been missed?” – SLAM – in rapid succession. Finally, he produced a bottle of water from somewhere, chucked it in the auditor’s face, and yelled, “Your needle is floating!”

By this time, the Snr. Intern Sup and the Qual Sec, who had walked in to find out what all the shouting was about, were standing there staring, speechless.

“That was distilled water, so it won’t mark your clothing,” DM said to the auditor, as if that made it all right.

“Now, you’re going to do the same drill on the Qual Sec,” DM instructed.

The CMO lackeys scurried off with the bottle to refill it with water.

The Qual Sec sat in the chair while the auditor repeated the procedure on him with DM and his staff watching.

You can read the entire eyewitness account here on possiblyhelpfuladvice.com.


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