Mark Fisher – “he was an asshole”

Mark Fisher describes how he, soon after he finished high school, he flew down to Clearwater to become an auditor.  As he was so young, he was chosen to join the CMO – and when he was taken up to his quarters (or “berthing” in Scientologese) he found out his roommate was David Miscavige.

Mark Fisher was only recently interviewed on Surviving Scientology radio.  He talks about how David Miscavige was “an asshole,” “two-faced,” and a social-climber.

He also talks about Annie Broeker.  The whole interview is fascinating – Fisher starts talking about David Miscavige around 9 minutes in.


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  1. Sarah says:

    Really good information on the cult of miscavige.


    1. Anon/b/ says:

      Yeah, we haz noticed ur OSA-trap blog. We seen others just liek u. Blog to trap under-the-radar people’s IPs and infoz.

      Fuck you OSA. DIAF motherfurckers!


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