A staff member always carried a tape recorder to memorialize every word he spoke

Mark ‘Marty’ Rathbun submitted a written affidavit to a Texas court to help boost his wife’s case against the harrassment she had suffered from the Church of Scientology.  The affidavit is lengthy but worth a read.

David Miscavige follows the Kim Jong-Un school of leadership. There have to be note-takers. LOTS of note-takers!

Number 16 is my favourite, and demonstrates just how fucking nuts things are for anyone within earshot of David Miscavige.  First they record what he says, then they type them up, then they check to make sure his orders have been carried out.  How North Korea of them!  Here are two excerpts.

16. Miscavige was always accompanied by an entourage of personal staff. A staff member always carried a tape recorder to memorialize every word he spoke. Just before any audio tape would run out, another recorder would be started and held by an assistant inches from his mouth so as not to miss a single word when the first tape was replaced. Runners were on hand to rush every completed audio tape to COB’s secretarial unit. There, several typists were employed, 24 hours per day, typing every word from Miscavige’s mouth, from the moment he awoke to the moment he laid his head to rest at night. The secretarial unit culled almost every sentence from the transcripts that contained a direction or order Miscavige issued during his daily tours though the offices of Scientology corporations. Those excerpts were issued as written orders to the people Miscavige had directed his comments or orders to during his tours. The orders were so frequent and voluminous that massive rows of high-density files were filled with binders of Miscavige’s orders to RTC, CSI, and other Scientology corporations. The orders were tracked by computers, generating automatic nudges to the recipients to send evidence of compliance. Escalating levels of punishment were devised and enforced for non-compliance over time.

37. “Mr. Miscavige threw a tantrum and called me a “f—’ing loser.” He lectured me that he was the only Scientologist with the dedication to stick his neck out and guarantee victory. He said he would have to be the one to personally handle this flap, as he had handled every other major problem of CSI’s Office of Special Affairs. After more ranting and raving at me, he ordered me to hire the local counsel selected by Jenkins & Gilchrist, with the warning that “if they don’t win, you are dead!”

Read the entire affidavit here at Tony Ortega’s site.  It’s long but well-worth it.  Marty submitted the affidavit to counter the bare-faced lies pumped out by the Church of Scientology lawyers on behalf of its dear Leader, David Miscavige.


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