David Miscavige scuba dives, Church executives mop floors

Valeska Paris is an Australian woman who claims she was imprisoned on the Scientologist cruise ship, “the Freewinds,” for 12 years. She left the ship in 2007 and went public with her story in 2010.   As if the story couldn’t get any worse, Valeska was abandoned by her mother (another Scientologist) and signed the notorious “Billion year contract” aged only 14.


“I remember Miscavige yelling — he’s always yelling, always, you could hear him a mile away — and it was always something about how incompetent they are, and how they can’t get anything right,” Valeska says.

The year before, in 2003, the same thing had happened with Jentzsch, Yeager, Linson, Lesevre, and another executive named Angie Blankenship.

[FYI: Jentzsch, Yager, Linson, Lesevre are some of the highest Executives in the Church of Scientology. This is the equivalent of having the Executive Board of a billion-dollar company cleaning the floors and working in the company canteen. It’s an example of the brain-washing and control the Church of Scientology exercises over its members.]

“They had to call us ‘sir.’ They had fifteen minute meal breaks. They were running everywhere like they were in the RPF,” she says, referring to the Rehabilitation Project Force, Scientology’s prison detail.

“At night they would come to the course room and they were listening to tapes. And then they were getting ethics interrogations on the meter, and they were not getting enough sleep, I can tell you that. Angie was sick, Guillaume was sick. And then they were working on the ship, on the deck, where public could see them. They were there way after Maiden Voyage that year, all the way to August,” she says. “At night they were serving our dinner, and had to call us ‘sir.’ And these were supposed to be the executives of Scientology.”

She sounds stunned, thinking about it today.

“That whole time, Miscavige, every day, no fail, he was either going diving, or he was going and taking photos with two people from Golden Era Productions. And then he’d come back at night and come down to the cinema to watch brand new movies flown out from the States. I can’t imagine what that cost. Every night he’d go down and watch movies. This went on from June to the end of August.”


Read the original story at the Village Voice – it was broken by Tony Ortega, a journalist who has done more to shine light on the goings-on in the Church of Scientology than probably anyone.  He now runs a Scientology-focused blog called the Underground Bunker.  It should be part of your daily fix if you want to keep abreast of what’s happening in the CoS.

Her story was also covered by Lateline Australia.

[vimeo 75086767]

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  1. Sarah says:

    We can all agree, we would love to see david miscavige put on trial.


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