Strange property deals in Pinellas county

I received two emails yesterday which I am posting here (in mildly edited form).

Email #1

Strange goings on in the county public records at the appraisers office. Who buys chunks of land for 10 million that are worth only $500k ?

I saw 3 transactions that were all with Triangle investments – $30M USD, when the total asssessed value is less than 1.5M. What is going on?

Triangle is run by an old scientologist, still has a page. When the “church” falls apart, They just leave the buildings in shame and the money has all been transferred to these other companies. I think they’re doing some machinations in Nepal right now.

These guys are diabolical. All the controversy is just to engineer it’s collapse and obfuscate what’s going on behind the curtains. That’s my guess.

There needs to be some combing through of the parties involved in those transactions and the prices paid. Foreclosing on a note to a conspirator that allows another form of transfer… just foreclose to a member when the value has gone up and sell it on for a profit, then make a tax deductable donation back to the church.

You don’t have to pay property taxes in the meantime while you wait for values to change. In coordination with the Sterling Group, this whole thing is a diabolical scheme bigger than people give it credit. And it continues because the subject is too wacky to discuss.


Email #2

I’m pretty sure laundering money this way is a big part of the enterprise. Most of these assessor’s offices rarely scutinize the transactions. If everyone is in your pocket, it would be easy to get a way with it.

I have to hand it to them, it’s pretty brilliant. If promissory notes are on the churches now and they all foreclose, I’m sure they have a plan for that. Losses for the corporations that lent the money, if you engineer it right, well even a foreclosure can be used to launder money.

Here are three examples from the county assessor’s office in Pinellas. Look at the sales transactions on the bottom and compare them to the assessed values in the middle of the page, for the same time as the sale. There are a lot of 2.6 million sales from the county to the church, for little chunks of vacant land.

With over a hundred tax accounts that have “Scientology” in the owner name field it’s a big job to go through them all, then to look for all the other variation bullshit orgs.

I think this is far more finely engineered than anyone gives them credit for. This is one time when being percieved as a crackpot is an asset.

These real estate transactions should be watched like a hawk. Perhaps Pinnellas County is in on it?


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