David Miscavige – “The reason the OT7s are so screwed up is because we trained them wrong.”

Tory Christman (aka Tory Magoo) is one of the best-known critics on the web.  After escaping the Church of Scientology – by literally flying across the country to get away from them – she decided to start a youtube channel after the Church of Scientology refused to stop harrassing her and slandering her on the web.  Since then, she has posted 100s of videos documenting her experiences inside and outside the Church, together with news and her opinion of the bizarre world of Scientology.  She calls it “the Truman Show” and now believes that the Church of Scientology is a fraudulent money-making scheme run by a mafia organization that is pretending to be a religion and which hides behind the cloak of “religious freedom.”

In this video she explains why she left.  It happened at an event held in the Shrine Auditorium in LA.  Miscavige, speaking to those who were on the highest level in the Church, OT7, said

“The reason the OT7s are so screwed up is because we trained them wrong. But, we’re going to fix that.”

These members were then regged (Scientologese for exorted) for $25,000.

In other words the Church admitted training its members incorrecetly, then turned around and charged them for the privilege of doing it again.  Cfraziness.  The good bit starts at 4:54, but the entire thing is interesting.


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  1. Sarah James says:

    Yeah miscavige like to fix things alright, but it always costs the believers $$$$.


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