Chris Guider – “David Miscavige, is basically a very toxic person”

Chris Guider

Australia has lead the way when it comes to large media companies reporting on the Church of Scientology.  While the Church has managed to become truly feared in the US for its litigious bite, the same cannot be said for Australia.

This report was broadcast by Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC) for their Lateline show.

At the above link you can see the 9-minute piece.  I would embed the video here but I don’t know how. 😦  Some of the better quotes

He’s a violent individual. He is. And there are accounts of him being physical with people. I’ve seen him physically beat one staff member, Mark Fisher, who was formerly an executive in RTC and worked very closely with Miscavige for a lot of years. And I witnessed him beating him.


Miscavige told me to beat the guy with the stick. I looked at him and I refused to do that

and even

It’s about control and it’s about getting money.


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