Chuck Beatty – “I thought he was a budding sociopath”

Chuch Beatty speaks with Jeffrey Augustine about how Miscavige rose to power and how he believes that LRH did not choose David Miscavige to be his successor.

They talk about the asthma attack that brought on his cognition, “power is assumed,” and the events that followed which led to Miscavige assuming power, contrary to Hubbard’s final writings.  “Power was assumed” was only recently on this blog also, When Jesse Prince Sec-Checked David Miscavige.

Beatty has a deep understanding of the inner workings of the Church of Scientology, and is this interview he discusses how David Miscavige would come down to the War Room. Yes, you read that right.  War Room. What Church has a war room?  Anyway, David Miscavige would turn up wearing his full navy regalia.  Even though they have no navy.  And it’s just a make-believe let’s-play-soldiers-daddy military group.  And because he’s just a twat.

Because nothing says fucktard more than a group of “priests” (Hah ahah ah) dressing up as soldiers. Nope. Nothing.

The War Room scene starts at 20:13, but it’s an interesting interview througout.


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