Brunes Hines – “I consider him to be a sociopath”

Salute the dog!

One of the recent news features to air on the Church of Scientology which managed to reach a widespread audience was put together by Martin Bashir.  It was during this piece that Church of Scientology PR man Tommy Davis walked off set, and into the sunset for good.  The whole things is well worth watching, but I put up a snippet here were Bruce Hines and Marty Rathbun give their opinion.

They also share how David Miscavige dressed up his beagle as a naval officer, then ordered those with lesser rank to salute him. Her. It. The dog.  You cannot make this up!

Martin Bashir: Do you think David Miscavige should continue to be the head of the Church of Scientology?

Hines: No. I’ll just say it outright. I consider him to be a sociopath.

Rathbun: I think the man is stark, staring mad.

This is just part of the entire program.  The rest can be found easily on the internet.  Bruce Hines and Marty Rathbun share their opinions of David Miscavige from 3:39.

Another gem,

He got his beagle. And he literally had someone tailor a blue vest sweater for his beagle, dog. And made up epaulets. And had four stripes (captain) put on the dog.  And if those guys wouldn’t salute the dog he would viciously berate them and invalidate them.

That’s not nuts at all!


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