Marty Rathbun – “Miscavige began to kick him while he was on the ground”

Marty Rathbun visited Germany – long considered to be one of Scientology’s bogey-men countries – at the invitation of Ursula Caberta.  While in Germany, Rathbun gave a number of interviews and talks; he was even featured on one of Germany’s best-known talk-shows.

He was still in the middle of decompressing, and at the time this video was shot, still considered himself to be a Scientologist, and specifically an independent one.  Now, afe years later, he no longer believes in ‘the tech.’

Rathbun was speaking in Hamburg, Germany on 7 September 2011.  The man who he says was beaten by David Miscavige is called Tom deVocht,


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  1. Sarah James says:

    This is a painful reminder of how many have built up an organization believing it to be one thing and finding out it is designed to harm everyone in it’s path.


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