David Miscavige looks gaunt as he wraps up

What a difference 9 months make

For those wanting to experience the mind-fuck of listening to David Miscavige drone on for three years, there are several videos floating around the web to watch out for.  Namely, any of the events that the Church of Scientology throws each year.  I think there are at most 6 events per year now; decades ago there were only 2.

Here’s a snippet from Scientology’s New Year’s Eve celebration 2013, as David Miscavige wraps up for the evening.

…our presence will soon grow greater with still more Ideal Orgs and Ideal Advanced Orgs…

As I listened again, the phrase Ideal Advanced Orgs jumped out at me.  Is this idea already out there, or is this the next phase in the Church of Scientology’s real-estate-empire building campaign?  First Ideal Orgs, now Ideal Advanced Orgs?

Also, David Miscavige looks noticeably thinner than he did a few years ago. Could he be ill? It’s well-known that Miscavige is a chain-smoker so perhaps something isn’t all right?  Considering he has a sunbed in his multimillion dollar residence, I’m surprised he hasn’t experimented with ways to stay young, namely TRT (testosterone replacement therapy), a treatment athletes have taken advantage of to bulk up.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. AnonWWP says:

    wow, he does look older.


  2. Sarah James says:

    If he is sick, he should let scientology help him. It did so much for my family. Pull out you dianetics book davy, then pull in a stroke.


    1. AnonWWP says:

      $cientology does not help anyone. please!


  3. Sarah James says:

    What did he say? I think he said, happy trails up yours.


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