Geir Isene – “I think he is a creative genius”

The Basics. The same, but better.

Geir Isene was once a very successfully member of the Church of Scientology and was even offered the #1 position in Scandinavian Scientology personally by David Miscavige.  However, this offer came out of the blue and didn’t mesh with Geir’s concept of Scientology ethics.

So he refused David Miscavige face-to-face.  This caused an awkward scene and Miscavige turned to leave the room.

Isene became disillusioned with the Church of Scientology and its conduct, rather than losing faith with “the tech,” which Isene readily admits helped him here and there.  He left the Church soon after.  I’m not sure if he’s declared or not, but I would assume he would have been issued with a Goldenrod SP declare.

He runs a very interesting site at  He has a very precise way of expressing himself, so you can be confident that he is getting his point across very accurately, even if English is not his first language.

The video has footage of David Miscavige explaining why members should buy a whole new set of the Basics books because they discovered that semi-colons and colons were in the wrong place.  But no matter, they were corrected and this set of books is SO  much better you should buy it again.

Surviving Scientology was started by Karen de la Carriere, an auditor trained personally by LRH who was once married to Heber Jentsch, former figurehead of the Church of Scientology. She left the Church, divorced from Heber, and started a critical life outside the church.  Her present husband is Jeffrey Augustine, an intelligent interviewer who has a deep understanding of how the Church of Scientology works.

The genius of him, (is) to be able to extort this money again and again, from the same parishioners.



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