Mike Rinder explains Ideal Org strategy

Mike Rinder – Why Ideal Orgs?

Mike Rinder was once the head PR man for the Church of Scientology, as well as heading up OSA for the Church.  OSA is the “dark arts” wing of the Church – the acronynm stands for Office of Special Affair – and its members engage in small-scale espionage and subterfuge.  That alone is pure craziness.

Rinder runs an incredible blog, Something Can Be Done About It, which is filled with insights, tips, OTC minutes, and all manner of insider information he receives.

Yesterday’s entry is one of his best yet.  He delves into the murky subject of how the Ideal Org startegy came about and it is fascinating. One quote…

It is for this reason Miscavige spends an inordinate amount of time convincing people he is an “upstat.” This includes all the idiotic sounding numbers — the miles of conduit laid, square inches of ink etc etc. These are the foundation for the big generality lies. “We have expanded 5X since the release of Golden Age Of Tech II”.  These lies are swallowed whole.

But, even if his lies are bought, he had a big problem.

Read the entire article at his blog.


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