The aim of this site is to collect as many interesting FIRST HAND stories about David Miscavige, COB, and the acknowledged leader of the Church of Scientology.

As a never-in I have no experiences myself, but I will be adding quotes & videos I find which feature Miscavige, together with anything else related to COB.

If you have any tips or advice, email any and all information to storiesaboutdavid@gmail.com.

Also, if you have seen any video testimonies which specifically mention David Miscavige, or have read any interviews or first-hand testimonies about David Miscavige, I would like to include them here on this site.

I started following the slow-but-consistent decline of Scientology and the Church of Scientology in 2008.  Since then I have come across a wealth of information about David Miscavige.  I should have started this site/blog then, but didn’t.  Still, it’s never too late to begin, so here we are.

Ideally, I would like this to become a one-stop-shop for people -whether they be current Scientologists in good standing, ex-Scientologists just starting to get their bearings outside of the Church of Scientology, lurkers, and especially journalists – to come to read up on David Miscavige, COB RTC and the acknowledged leader of the organization that calls itself the Church of Scientology.

Although there are thousands of memes and shoops of David Miscavige floating around the net – and many of them are hilarious – this is not the forum for that sort of stuff. David Miscavige is bizarre enough to not need embellishment.

Finally, if you can help me out with tips, links, videos, interviews, etc., please send them in.  I would like to give credit where credit is due, although I know many would prefer to stay “under the radar.”  Therefore, if you email me any information, please let me know if you want your name attached as a tipster.  If not, I will always assume that any tip is an anonymous one.

Thank you again!


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