David Miscavige had an enemy followed… for 24 years

Greg Arnold (l) and Paul Marrick, PIs for the Church of Scientology

When LRH died, most in the inner circle of the Church of Scientology thought that the crown would pass to LRH’s loyal servant (or something) Pat Broeker and his wife Annie Broeker. How David Miscavige flanked the Broekers and assumed the throne in the Church of Scientology is another fascinacting story that you can find online.

Anyway, Broeker left the Church soon after LRH’s death and began his exile from Scientology, an exile which continues still.  He moved from city to city in the US and did his best to stay out of the limelight.  He even moved to Prague in the Czech Republic where he went to Medical School. They even followed him there. For at least 2 years!

David Miscavige only felt comfortable if he knew exactly what Pat Broeker was doing, and where he was. At all times. So he hired a pair of detectives initially for a 3-month spell.  This spell lasted for more than 24 years.

Pat Broeker

Wrap your head around that. The head of supposed religion has an old colleague tailed and surveilled. For almost a quarter of a century.

To add a twist to the tale, the two detectives – Paul Marrick and Greg Arnold – had no moral issues about following someone for 24 years. But when the Church of Scientology (via lawyers) stopped paying the two of the them abruptly, the two detectives decided to sue.  Up until that point they were getting $32,000 per month for the two of the them (including expenses).

That is a shit load of money.

Throughout their quarter-century assignment, Marrick and Arnold tracked Broeker’s daily movements, searched his garbage and kept tabs on his relationships with women. They nicknamed him “the gardener,” concluding that the mud-caked plastic bags in his trash meant he was burying things. They reported back to the church and were paid in cash and cashier’s checks sent directly to their accounts.

The Tampa Bay Times – home of the exceptional Truth Rundown series by Childs and Tobin – managed to sit down with them and interview them.  This was before their case had reached court.  In fact, as far as I know, the case never went to trial.  The Church of Scientology likely did what it normally does, and settled.

How much would the silence of these two individuals be worth to the Church of Scientology?

You can read the whole story on the Tampa Bay Times site [WITH VIDEO].


The two started settlement proceedings soon after they appeared on camera in the interview. By 2013 the suit had been withdrawn.


David Miscavige looks gaunt as he wraps up

What a difference 9 months make

For those wanting to experience the mind-fuck of listening to David Miscavige drone on for three years, there are several videos floating around the web to watch out for.  Namely, any of the events that the Church of Scientology throws each year.  I think there are at most 6 events per year now; decades ago there were only 2.

Here’s a snippet from Scientology’s New Year’s Eve celebration 2013, as David Miscavige wraps up for the evening.

…our presence will soon grow greater with still more Ideal Orgs and Ideal Advanced Orgs…

As I listened again, the phrase Ideal Advanced Orgs jumped out at me.  Is this idea already out there, or is this the next phase in the Church of Scientology’s real-estate-empire building campaign?  First Ideal Orgs, now Ideal Advanced Orgs?

Also, David Miscavige looks noticeably thinner than he did a few years ago. Could he be ill? It’s well-known that Miscavige is a chain-smoker so perhaps something isn’t all right?  Considering he has a sunbed in his multimillion dollar residence, I’m surprised he hasn’t experimented with ways to stay young, namely TRT (testosterone replacement therapy), a treatment athletes have taken advantage of to bulk up.

Geir Isene – “I think he is a creative genius”

The Basics. The same, but better.

Geir Isene was once a very successfully member of the Church of Scientology and was even offered the #1 position in Scandinavian Scientology personally by David Miscavige.  However, this offer came out of the blue and didn’t mesh with Geir’s concept of Scientology ethics.

So he refused David Miscavige face-to-face.  This caused an awkward scene and Miscavige turned to leave the room.

Isene became disillusioned with the Church of Scientology and its conduct, rather than losing faith with “the tech,” which Isene readily admits helped him here and there.  He left the Church soon after.  I’m not sure if he’s declared or not, but I would assume he would have been issued with a Goldenrod SP declare.

He runs a very interesting site at isene.me.  He has a very precise way of expressing himself, so you can be confident that he is getting his point across very accurately, even if English is not his first language.

The video has footage of David Miscavige explaining why members should buy a whole new set of the Basics books because they discovered that semi-colons and colons were in the wrong place.  But no matter, they were corrected and this set of books is SO  much better you should buy it again.

Surviving Scientology was started by Karen de la Carriere, an auditor trained personally by LRH who was once married to Heber Jentsch, former figurehead of the Church of Scientology. She left the Church, divorced from Heber, and started a critical life outside the church.  Her present husband is Jeffrey Augustine, an intelligent interviewer who has a deep understanding of how the Church of Scientology works.

The genius of him, (is) to be able to extort this money again and again, from the same parishioners.


Mike Rinder explains Ideal Org strategy

Mike Rinder – Why Ideal Orgs?

Mike Rinder was once the head PR man for the Church of Scientology, as well as heading up OSA for the Church.  OSA is the “dark arts” wing of the Church – the acronynm stands for Office of Special Affair – and its members engage in small-scale espionage and subterfuge.  That alone is pure craziness.

Rinder runs an incredible blog, Something Can Be Done About It, which is filled with insights, tips, OTC minutes, and all manner of insider information he receives.

Yesterday’s entry is one of his best yet.  He delves into the murky subject of how the Ideal Org startegy came about and it is fascinating. One quote…

It is for this reason Miscavige spends an inordinate amount of time convincing people he is an “upstat.” This includes all the idiotic sounding numbers — the miles of conduit laid, square inches of ink etc etc. These are the foundation for the big generality lies. “We have expanded 5X since the release of Golden Age Of Tech II”.  These lies are swallowed whole.

But, even if his lies are bought, he had a big problem.

Read the entire article at his blog.

It’s the fact that the domination you’re getting—hit in the face, kicked—and you can’t do anything about it.

Mike Haggis, appearing in the New Yorker magazine.

The New Yorker publiched a fascinating interview and story with and about Paul Haggis, the Academy Award winning filmmaker.  He was one of the loudest celebrities to leave the Church of Scientology, so his testimony is fasincating for many reasons.

The story includes many interesting details.  There’s also this quote from Mike Rinder.

The defectors told the newspaper that Miscavige was a serial abuser of his staff. “The issue wasn’t the physical pain of it,” Rinder said. “It’s the fact that the domination you’re getting—hit in the face, kicked—and you can’t do anything about it. If you did try, you’d be attacking the C.O.B.”—the chairman of the board.

You can read the whole story on the New Yorker’s website.

The article was written by Lawrence Wright, who went on to write “Going Clear.” Read it if you haven’t already.

Miscavige got tremendous pleasure knowing that were out there in the desert heat running all day around a tree!

Mark Fisher did a great write-up of one of Scientology’s best known “run-downs,” or traning routines.  This is the Cause Resergence Rundown, aka the Running Program.

The original Scientology running track

You can read Mark Fisher’s version of events at the Ex-Scientologist Message Board.

Some of the highlights;

David Miscavige, who orchestrated the removals at the time, got tremendous pleasure knowing that Mayo and the others were out there in the desert heat (over 110 degrees) running all day around a tree! He made it seem like a punishment, not an actual research rundown that LRH was working on and the Running Program got the stigma of being punishment, not help.


The running went on day after day. 7 days, 10 days, 15, days, 20 days. On and on it went. During this time, the runners all became very close to one another. When someone actually completed the program, it was a huge win for everyone.

Read the entire thing here.

Today, one of the entire floors in the Superpower Building is taken up by a running track.  This has a far more Tron-like feel, because nothing screams high-tech more than something shiny and silver with a hint of iPod about it.

Inside the Superpower building.

Brunes Hines – “I consider him to be a sociopath”

Salute the dog!

One of the recent news features to air on the Church of Scientology which managed to reach a widespread audience was put together by Martin Bashir.  It was during this piece that Church of Scientology PR man Tommy Davis walked off set, and into the sunset for good.  The whole things is well worth watching, but I put up a snippet here were Bruce Hines and Marty Rathbun give their opinion.

They also share how David Miscavige dressed up his beagle as a naval officer, then ordered those with lesser rank to salute him. Her. It. The dog.  You cannot make this up!

Martin Bashir: Do you think David Miscavige should continue to be the head of the Church of Scientology?

Hines: No. I’ll just say it outright. I consider him to be a sociopath.

Rathbun: I think the man is stark, staring mad.

This is just part of the entire program.  The rest can be found easily on the internet.  Bruce Hines and Marty Rathbun share their opinions of David Miscavige from 3:39.

Another gem,

He got his beagle. And he literally had someone tailor a blue vest sweater for his beagle, dog. And made up epaulets. And had four stripes (captain) put on the dog.  And if those guys wouldn’t salute the dog he would viciously berate them and invalidate them.

That’s not nuts at all!