Marty Rathbun – “Miscavige began to kick him while he was on the ground”

Marty Rathbun visited Germany – long considered to be one of Scientology’s bogey-men countries – at the invitation of Ursula Caberta.  While in Germany, Rathbun gave a number of interviews and talks; he was even featured on one of Germany’s best-known talk-shows.

He was still in the middle of decompressing, and at the time this video was shot, still considered himself to be a Scientologist, and specifically an independent one.  Now, afe years later, he no longer believes in ‘the tech.’

Rathbun was speaking in Hamburg, Germany on 7 September 2011.  The man who he says was beaten by David Miscavige is called Tom deVocht,


Miscavige – “We’re going to play musical chairs.

Pulitzer-winning author Lawrence Wright sat down to talk about his latest book – Going Clear – in which he covered the Church of Scientology in great detail.  If you haven’t read it, do so. It’s an easy read and is full of information.

David Miscavige – “We’re going to play Musical Chairs.”

Anyway, in this interview he speaks about one of the most famous stories that concerns David Miscavige, namely Musical Chairs.  Miscavige, in a state of what can only be described as heightened-cruelty decided to manipulate every one in the Hole by getting thing to play a huge game of musical chairs.  Only the one person left at the end of the game would be allowed to stay in Scientology.  Soon the game degenerated into violence as panic started to set in.  The events have also been described by Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder, both of whom were there.

One of my favourite quotes from this interview is

One executive was made to mop the floor of the bathroom with his tongue.

Musical chairs starts at 27:27.

Chuck Beatty – “I thought he was a budding sociopath”

Chuch Beatty speaks with Jeffrey Augustine about how Miscavige rose to power and how he believes that LRH did not choose David Miscavige to be his successor.

They talk about the asthma attack that brought on his cognition, “power is assumed,” and the events that followed which led to Miscavige assuming power, contrary to Hubbard’s final writings.  “Power was assumed” was only recently on this blog also, When Jesse Prince Sec-Checked David Miscavige.

Beatty has a deep understanding of the inner workings of the Church of Scientology, and is this interview he discusses how David Miscavige would come down to the War Room. Yes, you read that right.  War Room. What Church has a war room?  Anyway, David Miscavige would turn up wearing his full navy regalia.  Even though they have no navy.  And it’s just a make-believe let’s-play-soldiers-daddy military group.  And because he’s just a twat.

Because nothing says fucktard more than a group of “priests” (Hah ahah ah) dressing up as soldiers. Nope. Nothing.

The War Room scene starts at 20:13, but it’s an interesting interview througout.

Chris Guider – “David Miscavige, is basically a very toxic person”

Chris Guider

Australia has lead the way when it comes to large media companies reporting on the Church of Scientology.  While the Church has managed to become truly feared in the US for its litigious bite, the same cannot be said for Australia.

This report was broadcast by Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC) for their Lateline show.

At the above link you can see the 9-minute piece.  I would embed the video here but I don’t know how. 😦  Some of the better quotes

He’s a violent individual. He is. And there are accounts of him being physical with people. I’ve seen him physically beat one staff member, Mark Fisher, who was formerly an executive in RTC and worked very closely with Miscavige for a lot of years. And I witnessed him beating him.


Miscavige told me to beat the guy with the stick. I looked at him and I refused to do that

and even

It’s about control and it’s about getting money.

David Miscavige – “The reason the OT7s are so screwed up is because we trained them wrong.”

Tory Christman (aka Tory Magoo) is one of the best-known critics on the web.  After escaping the Church of Scientology – by literally flying across the country to get away from them – she decided to start a youtube channel after the Church of Scientology refused to stop harrassing her and slandering her on the web.  Since then, she has posted 100s of videos documenting her experiences inside and outside the Church, together with news and her opinion of the bizarre world of Scientology.  She calls it “the Truman Show” and now believes that the Church of Scientology is a fraudulent money-making scheme run by a mafia organization that is pretending to be a religion and which hides behind the cloak of “religious freedom.”

In this video she explains why she left.  It happened at an event held in the Shrine Auditorium in LA.  Miscavige, speaking to those who were on the highest level in the Church, OT7, said

“The reason the OT7s are so screwed up is because we trained them wrong. But, we’re going to fix that.”

These members were then regged (Scientologese for exorted) for $25,000.

In other words the Church admitted training its members incorrecetly, then turned around and charged them for the privilege of doing it again.  Cfraziness.  The good bit starts at 4:54, but the entire thing is interesting.

David Miscavige, micromanager – “say it you motherfucker”

Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder have several videos you can watch on youtube.  In this one, they talk about how David Miscavige would micromanage everything, including phone calls to journalists.  In this video they specifically mention phone calls during the height of the Lisa McPherson case.

Miscavige would do this by sitting beside Rathbun or Rinder and listening in on the conversation.  Then he would frantically scribble down what they were to say, verbatim. As you can imagine, this system is as inefficient as it sounds.

Inevitably, lags would occur which made no sense to the journalists on the other end of the telephone.  As Marty Rathbun says in this video

“They thought we were cult members!”

The good bit starts at 1:40, but it’s all worth a listen.

They go on to talk about CNN, and the time went Anderson Cooper first wanted to do a story on Scientology. Rinder worked for months to set up a “puff piece,” as he calls it.  Miscavige, as he always does, refused to be interviewed by the media (because he knows he will come across as a psycho); he told them he had no time and was too busy, which is the usual reason he gives to cover up his cowardice.

Then he got it into his head that Rinder was trying to usurp his power.

In the end David Miscavige accused Rinder of trying to set him up for failure with Anderson Cooper.  Because Miscavige obviously lives in another reality.

Or is just bonkers.

A staff member always carried a tape recorder to memorialize every word he spoke

Mark ‘Marty’ Rathbun submitted a written affidavit to a Texas court to help boost his wife’s case against the harrassment she had suffered from the Church of Scientology.  The affidavit is lengthy but worth a read.

David Miscavige follows the Kim Jong-Un school of leadership. There have to be note-takers. LOTS of note-takers!

Number 16 is my favourite, and demonstrates just how fucking nuts things are for anyone within earshot of David Miscavige.  First they record what he says, then they type them up, then they check to make sure his orders have been carried out.  How North Korea of them!  Here are two excerpts.

16. Miscavige was always accompanied by an entourage of personal staff. A staff member always carried a tape recorder to memorialize every word he spoke. Just before any audio tape would run out, another recorder would be started and held by an assistant inches from his mouth so as not to miss a single word when the first tape was replaced. Runners were on hand to rush every completed audio tape to COB’s secretarial unit. There, several typists were employed, 24 hours per day, typing every word from Miscavige’s mouth, from the moment he awoke to the moment he laid his head to rest at night. The secretarial unit culled almost every sentence from the transcripts that contained a direction or order Miscavige issued during his daily tours though the offices of Scientology corporations. Those excerpts were issued as written orders to the people Miscavige had directed his comments or orders to during his tours. The orders were so frequent and voluminous that massive rows of high-density files were filled with binders of Miscavige’s orders to RTC, CSI, and other Scientology corporations. The orders were tracked by computers, generating automatic nudges to the recipients to send evidence of compliance. Escalating levels of punishment were devised and enforced for non-compliance over time.

37. “Mr. Miscavige threw a tantrum and called me a “f—’ing loser.” He lectured me that he was the only Scientologist with the dedication to stick his neck out and guarantee victory. He said he would have to be the one to personally handle this flap, as he had handled every other major problem of CSI’s Office of Special Affairs. After more ranting and raving at me, he ordered me to hire the local counsel selected by Jenkins & Gilchrist, with the warning that “if they don’t win, you are dead!”

Read the entire affidavit here at Tony Ortega’s site.  It’s long but well-worth it.  Marty submitted the affidavit to counter the bare-faced lies pumped out by the Church of Scientology lawyers on behalf of its dear Leader, David Miscavige.