David Miscavige looks gaunt as he wraps up

What a difference 9 months make

For those wanting to experience the mind-fuck of listening to David Miscavige drone on for three years, there are several videos floating around the web to watch out for.  Namely, any of the events that the Church of Scientology throws each year.  I think there are at most 6 events per year now; decades ago there were only 2.

Here’s a snippet from Scientology’s New Year’s Eve celebration 2013, as David Miscavige wraps up for the evening.

…our presence will soon grow greater with still more Ideal Orgs and Ideal Advanced Orgs…

As I listened again, the phrase Ideal Advanced Orgs jumped out at me.  Is this idea already out there, or is this the next phase in the Church of Scientology’s real-estate-empire building campaign?  First Ideal Orgs, now Ideal Advanced Orgs?

Also, David Miscavige looks noticeably thinner than he did a few years ago. Could he be ill? It’s well-known that Miscavige is a chain-smoker so perhaps something isn’t all right?  Considering he has a sunbed in his multimillion dollar residence, I’m surprised he hasn’t experimented with ways to stay young, namely TRT (testosterone replacement therapy), a treatment athletes have taken advantage of to bulk up.


Geir Isene – “I think he is a creative genius”

The Basics. The same, but better.

Geir Isene was once a very successfully member of the Church of Scientology and was even offered the #1 position in Scandinavian Scientology personally by David Miscavige.  However, this offer came out of the blue and didn’t mesh with Geir’s concept of Scientology ethics.

So he refused David Miscavige face-to-face.  This caused an awkward scene and Miscavige turned to leave the room.

Isene became disillusioned with the Church of Scientology and its conduct, rather than losing faith with “the tech,” which Isene readily admits helped him here and there.  He left the Church soon after.  I’m not sure if he’s declared or not, but I would assume he would have been issued with a Goldenrod SP declare.

He runs a very interesting site at isene.me.  He has a very precise way of expressing himself, so you can be confident that he is getting his point across very accurately, even if English is not his first language.

The video has footage of David Miscavige explaining why members should buy a whole new set of the Basics books because they discovered that semi-colons and colons were in the wrong place.  But no matter, they were corrected and this set of books is SO  much better you should buy it again.

Surviving Scientology was started by Karen de la Carriere, an auditor trained personally by LRH who was once married to Heber Jentsch, former figurehead of the Church of Scientology. She left the Church, divorced from Heber, and started a critical life outside the church.  Her present husband is Jeffrey Augustine, an intelligent interviewer who has a deep understanding of how the Church of Scientology works.

The genius of him, (is) to be able to extort this money again and again, from the same parishioners.


Brunes Hines – “I consider him to be a sociopath”

Salute the dog!

One of the recent news features to air on the Church of Scientology which managed to reach a widespread audience was put together by Martin Bashir.  It was during this piece that Church of Scientology PR man Tommy Davis walked off set, and into the sunset for good.  The whole things is well worth watching, but I put up a snippet here were Bruce Hines and Marty Rathbun give their opinion.

They also share how David Miscavige dressed up his beagle as a naval officer, then ordered those with lesser rank to salute him. Her. It. The dog.  You cannot make this up!

Martin Bashir: Do you think David Miscavige should continue to be the head of the Church of Scientology?

Hines: No. I’ll just say it outright. I consider him to be a sociopath.

Rathbun: I think the man is stark, staring mad.

This is just part of the entire program.  The rest can be found easily on the internet.  Bruce Hines and Marty Rathbun share their opinions of David Miscavige from 3:39.

Another gem,

He got his beagle. And he literally had someone tailor a blue vest sweater for his beagle, dog. And made up epaulets. And had four stripes (captain) put on the dog.  And if those guys wouldn’t salute the dog he would viciously berate them and invalidate them.

That’s not nuts at all!

Marty Rathbun – “Miscavige began to kick him while he was on the ground”

Marty Rathbun visited Germany – long considered to be one of Scientology’s bogey-men countries – at the invitation of Ursula Caberta.  While in Germany, Rathbun gave a number of interviews and talks; he was even featured on one of Germany’s best-known talk-shows.

He was still in the middle of decompressing, and at the time this video was shot, still considered himself to be a Scientologist, and specifically an independent one.  Now, afe years later, he no longer believes in ‘the tech.’

Rathbun was speaking in Hamburg, Germany on 7 September 2011.  The man who he says was beaten by David Miscavige is called Tom deVocht,

David Miscavige – “The reason the OT7s are so screwed up is because we trained them wrong.”

Tory Christman (aka Tory Magoo) is one of the best-known critics on the web.  After escaping the Church of Scientology – by literally flying across the country to get away from them – she decided to start a youtube channel after the Church of Scientology refused to stop harrassing her and slandering her on the web.  Since then, she has posted 100s of videos documenting her experiences inside and outside the Church, together with news and her opinion of the bizarre world of Scientology.  She calls it “the Truman Show” and now believes that the Church of Scientology is a fraudulent money-making scheme run by a mafia organization that is pretending to be a religion and which hides behind the cloak of “religious freedom.”

In this video she explains why she left.  It happened at an event held in the Shrine Auditorium in LA.  Miscavige, speaking to those who were on the highest level in the Church, OT7, said

“The reason the OT7s are so screwed up is because we trained them wrong. But, we’re going to fix that.”

These members were then regged (Scientologese for exorted) for $25,000.

In other words the Church admitted training its members incorrecetly, then turned around and charged them for the privilege of doing it again.  Cfraziness.  The good bit starts at 4:54, but the entire thing is interesting.

David Miscavige, micromanager – “say it you motherfucker”

Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder have several videos you can watch on youtube.  In this one, they talk about how David Miscavige would micromanage everything, including phone calls to journalists.  In this video they specifically mention phone calls during the height of the Lisa McPherson case.

Miscavige would do this by sitting beside Rathbun or Rinder and listening in on the conversation.  Then he would frantically scribble down what they were to say, verbatim. As you can imagine, this system is as inefficient as it sounds.

Inevitably, lags would occur which made no sense to the journalists on the other end of the telephone.  As Marty Rathbun says in this video

“They thought we were cult members!”

The good bit starts at 1:40, but it’s all worth a listen.

They go on to talk about CNN, and the time went Anderson Cooper first wanted to do a story on Scientology. Rinder worked for months to set up a “puff piece,” as he calls it.  Miscavige, as he always does, refused to be interviewed by the media (because he knows he will come across as a psycho); he told them he had no time and was too busy, which is the usual reason he gives to cover up his cowardice.

Then he got it into his head that Rinder was trying to usurp his power.

In the end David Miscavige accused Rinder of trying to set him up for failure with Anderson Cooper.  Because Miscavige obviously lives in another reality.

Or is just bonkers.

“He would degrade the staff, he got a kick out of it”

His viciousness and cruelty to staff was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in my life.


Stacy Young was one of the first truly vocal critics of the Church of Scientology.  She worked in/with the Lisa McPherson Trust (LMT) even though at one point she was quite a serious PR person for the Church.

She divorced Robert Young in 1999 and reverted back to her maiden name Stacy Brooks.

She ended up very close to Bob Minton, the founder of LMT. I’m not sure where she is now, but after all she’s been through I’m sure she’s had enough of the Church of Scientology.